Original Healing Music for Health and Pleasure

With a background in professional life coaching, including the use of guided meditation, Nancy Blue has branched out to songs that heal.  Each song comes from a book or concept from the self-help field.  Nancy says, is we can’t help ourselves, what CAN we do.

For instance, the following song is based upon the concept of the “Power of Intention”.  You can hear this and similar songs at any of Nancy’s live shows.

The Feel Good Intention aka The Diet Song

Feeling good is my intention

With no reason, an intervention

Feeling good is my intention,

With no reason, an intervention.

I’ve been up and down, and I’m up again

But that’s no reason to give in

I’m feeling good now, and that’s where I’ll start

Lighten up my body and my heart

I’ve been up and down, so many years

But now each moment is so dear

The feel good intention is enough for me

Leads me on to all I can be.

How, can you even know, what you might be able to do,

If you can’t have fun imagining it coming true?

Love, washes over you,  ’til you’re jumping out of your skin,

Now you have the passion that you needed to begin.


The following site will include more healing lyrics in the coming months in 2015.  Please consider Nancy Blue’s music for your shop or office if you work in the healing arts and would like to offer a special musical healing event to your clients and/or the public.


As a certified professional trained in coaching individuals in mindfulness and meditation for healing and inner peace, addressing trauma, depression or habitual self-defeating thoughts, behaviors and attitudes, Nancy Blue applies her vocal and songwriting abilities to create songs related to these areas.

Self confidence, self-esteem, self-love and finding love, freedom, and more…

If you are in need of music for healing purposes for yourself, for a training program, for clients or other applications Nancy would be happy to talk with you about this.

In 2015 there will be a new CD with original songs for inner spiritual healing and  listening enjoyment.