Coming Up in Sept. 2015

Returning to Headlands Coffeehouse Fort Bragg

Wed. Sept. 23, 2015 from 7 to 10pm

Returning to Meat & Potatoes Restaurant in September

Sat Sept 26, 2015 from 6 to 8 pm…

The August show was great fun, if you missed it here is your chance to come, and if you were there, come again — I have new original songs I am just finishing…and I always mix up the list of cover tunes as well. Visit this link for info on the venue:  Meat and Potatoes

New Original Lyrics – A Sample

Here is a sample of some new songs I am working on…the music is yet to be recorded, but here are partial lyrics.  You can hear these songs at any of my gigs.  (See “schedule” for dates)

Traveling Around in Time

Traveling Around in Time, ageless time, in confidence of one single mind,

It’s only what I feel

It’s not a wrinkle in the skin, only a thought within

It’s only a belief, that sets up what I see

And what I’m going to see, again

Think Out of the Head

They say, think out of the box

So awfully dead

Go out of your head

think with the body instead…

Think, with your heat, with your soul, with your eyes, that can..

See all around, something is wrong

Stuck in their heads

Getting it wrong

Live in your body, stay in it now

You know you gotta live now, gotta live now

Gonna die, gonna die, got to live NOW


Back then, I wanted, to save the world

Played my records loud, dreaming, in back of a cloud

Those days, that music

could change the world

…Still is true, what good…music can do

Now I’m wiser, I paid my dues

I’m no longer, singing then blues

You’re sixty, your colors, look good on you

Need no, disco drugs,

Keep your, peace and love

Dream Again

Old, scraps of paper, coffee stained

Dream…save me

A plan, fading with age

Turn that page, dream dream

I had a job,

Starving my soul.

Getting nowhere

Losing control

But then just like a long lost friend

I have a dream again

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